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I wonder if I’d be harder to let go of if I was prettier, thinner, and a little less insane.

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SurrealSociety: Dear 'love'


Some nights I can’t help but think about it. When I finally catch myself some silent moments. Some time away from all the chaos in my head. When I sit there and think about us. I see the storm that I just ran through with you, and how I can tell that its still raining.

You might tell me that…

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SurrealSociety: Someone I had


You say you’re mad because you didn’t want me to leave

But did you ever take a look at what you did to me?

You were there, and close throughout physically

But did you really hold me close mentally?

I know we both say now that it wasn’t meant to be

But since the day we parted, you still…

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